Paintball + Dune Buggies

It's a dune buggy race on a dirt track. With paintballs. Each buggy is equipped with paintball guns mounted to the top and a big target on the back. If you get hit, the engine cuts out for a fraction of a second and your health decreases. Get hit too many times and you're done.


As race begins, the paintball guns are loaded, but won't operate until you drive over a power-up pad on the track that raises your firepower from 0 to 1 ball per trigger pull. Power-ups also allow you to improve your health, shield against health damage, and raise your firepower through four levels, from single-shot to fully automatic.
Just in case you're having too much fun, we've added a little madness to this mayhem and programmed our power-ups to turn traitor. Instead of gaining health, you may get stalled. Or have your firepower reduced.
Occasionally, a power-up pad will give away The Big Red Button. Activate the Button and every opponent's vehicle coasts to a temporary stop, letting you race ahead... directly into their sights.


Our location is at an established paintball field - 20 km south of Lake Wabamun, about 50 km west of Spruce Grove, Alberta.  Directions
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